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"Parade" Date: December 5th

Time: Dark O'Clock - Onward

Viewing Locations:

Dac Rowe Park, Waterbury; CBMS, Duxbury; Camp Meade, Middlesex, Waitsfield Elementary School

Theme: Brave Little State


Bring Your Own Lanterns and set them up

*If you are a student who made your lantern in school, volunteers will be hanging your lanterns for you at the sites listed below. TBPS student lanterns will be brought back to school on Sunday and will go home on Monday. Other schools will let you know how lanterns get home.

*If you picked up a lantern kit to make at home, follow the directions below.

On December 5th - beginning at 9:00 AM - Volunteers will be at each site to help

  • Hang your own lantern at your designated location:

    • Moretown and Middlesex @ Camp Meade

    • Waitsfield, Warren, and Fayston @ Waitsfield Elementary

    • Crossett Brook families @ CBMS

    • Thatcher Brook families @ Dac Rowe

    • Harwood students (If you have old lanterns - pick one of these sites - and we'll give you a new light.)

  • Turn the light on in your lantern when you hang it up

    • (batteries last 48 hours or so)

  • View the lanterns after dark on December 5th

  • Pick up your lantern on Sunday, December 6th before 3:00PM

  • Drive by venues at all locations. Enjoy from the comfort of your car.

    • Pedestrian traffic is discouraged given the most recent safety measures put in place by Governor Scott.

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