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"Parade" Date: December 5th

Time: Dark O'Clock - Onward

Viewing Locations:

Dac Rowe Park, Waterbury; CBMS, Duxbury; Camp Meade, Middlesex, Waitsfield Elementary School

Theme: Brave Little State


Bring Your Own Lanterns and set them up

On December 5th - beginning at 9:00 AM - Volunteers will be at each site to help

  • Hang your own lantern at your designated location:

    • Moretown and Middlesex @ Camp Meade

    • Waitsfield, Warren, and Fayston @ Waitsfield Elementary

    • Crossett Brook students @ CBMS

    • Thatcher Brook students @ Dac Rowe

    • Harwood students - pick one of these sites

  • Turn the light on in your lantern when you hang it up

    • (batteries last 48 hours or so)

  • View the lanterns after dark on December 5th

  • Drive by venues at all locations. Enjoy from the comfort of your car.

    • If you walk to view the lanterns, we ask that you wear masks and maintain your distance.

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